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Born in Moscow, 1968.
Until the age of 17 lived in the "Artists' Village" in Maslovka, Moscow.
First participated in an'appartment exhibition' of Moscow avant-garde artists at age six, in the appartment of Nicolai Andryevich.
1980s. Tutored in the fine arts by grandmother Ariadna Arendt, famous animalist sculptor.
1988. Graduated from M.I. Kalinin Russian applied arts polytechnic
1989-1994. Worked as artist-designer
First experiments in the fields of graphic art and collage, studies of iconography.
1989 onwards. Constant participation in art exhibitions.
1997. Becomes a member of the Moscow Union of Artists (monumental department)
1998. Becomes a member of the International Federation of Artists UNESCO (Moscow department).
Lives and works in Moscow and Koktebel

Works are in the collections of the museums: Russian Museum ( SPb), Schusev state Museum of architecture (Moscow), National Picture Gallery of I.Ajvazovsky (Theodosia; Ukraina) Alberto Sandretti collection; Museum of modern and contemporary art of Trento and Rovereto( Italy)
and private collections in France (Toulouse), England (the collection of Brian Eno), Alexander Glezer Collection (New Jersey, USA), Canada (Toronto)

Biografie/Vita(Schule, Berufsausbildung, usw): 

1995 "Monumental Art" House of artists, Kuznetsky Most 11
1996 "Fish, as it is" three houses gallery
"Old New Year" Roza Azora gallery
"Pas de quatre" Central house of artists
1997 Arendt Family, Moscow house of sculptors
Arendt Family, Tsvetaev Museum, Alexandrov
1999 Solo show Zhivoi ugolok
Moscow fine art gallery, Moscow
Vertep 2000, Guelman Gallery, Moscow
2000 Solo show, handmade, drawings and icons, Russian gallery on Vozdvizhenka, Moscow
"Alfavit" Dar Gallery Moscow
Auction exhibition, Association des Artistes de St. Henry, France.
2001 "St. Valentine's day" Proekt OGI gallery, Moscow
"Icons for Easter" Athelhampton House, London.
Vysokopetrovsky monastery, Techne exhibition
2002 "Fishka-Pub" Central House of Artists Moscow
2003 "Fishka-Pub II" Central House of Artists Moscow
2004 Art-Klyazma
Apshu club, "Easter exhibition"
2005 "Habitat", Central House of Artists Moscow
"Simple objects", Klub na Bresstskoi, Moscow
Summer Holiday, state picture gallery, sevastopol
"Habitat-2" Central House of Artists Moscow
"Habitat-3" Jewish Cultural centre, Moscow
"Kuriny Bog" Festival, koktebel, villa Basso
2008 Personal exhibition "Two sisters", with Natalya Arendt Museum of architecture, the ruin.
Roza Azora gallery
Exhibition celebrating Moscow artists' union 75th anniversary, Central House of Artists Moscow

" Pic & Stitch" with Natalia Arendt and Evgeni Gabriel. Russian ACT festival, London HMS President
2009 Personal exhibition "Eternal values", with Natalya Arendt
S.Eufemia gallery. Venezia. Giudecca.

Personal exhibition "All suwn up" 3 Moscow biennale of contemporary art, parallel program.
Roza Azora gallery. Curator Lubov Shaks
The State Literary museum

"Vulnerability", Special project for the parallel programme of the 3rd Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art.
RGGU Museum Centre.

Chaos-Space, AIRCRAFT Gallery, Bratislava. A joint exhibition of Russian and Slovakian artists

2010 "White Ship" Solo exhibition, "Roza Azora»Gallery

"Russia! Memory. Mystification. Imagination" Exhibition, Ca' Foscari University Venice

"Arts Sanatorium" Project, Museums at Night, The State Tretyakov Gallery.

"Air" Project, Museums at Night, State Darwin Museum.

"Balaklava Odyssey" Festival, Sevastopol.

"ŽEN d'ART. The Gender History of Art in the Post-Soviet Space: 1989-2009" Moscow MMOMA

Art Moscow 2010 "The fabric of the city" Roza-Azora Gallery

"Dormitory suburb: School station" Part of Art-Moscow parallel program.

2011 "Sons of the Great Bear" Project_Fabrika

"Dormitory suburb: School station. Open lesson", School № 210
NCCA Project

Solo exhibition «Tissus urbain» Gallery L'Aleatoire, Paris.

«Khlebnikov and the province" Tula Oblast, Kropyvny village. NCCA Project


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