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My interest lies in the reflection of our human condition in relation to the act of painting.

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The balance of painting that allows the power of thought as well as the power of feeling. The capacity to reflect on our own nature, to abstract but also to feel: the rational and sensuous experience.
Painting as a visual language that embodies the essence of our humanity. Painting as a conscious activity that is at once aesthetic and anthropological making up our evolving existence.
I work in series, exploring these ideas from various sources in an expanded field of painting.
The relationship on systems, decision-making and chance permeates my process of painting. My own rules as well as games provided me with a base for the paintings, issuing instructions and outlining my strategies. Rules are useful, one might feel in control in an attempt to order the unpredictable reality. But there is a 'wild type of randomness of which we will never know much’ Benoit Mandelbrot said. I allow self-determination and the element of chance to enter the painting process to reflect on subjectivity and the accidental.
Playfulness is present as a concept as well as in the process of painting. Playfulness as an inner condition to human nature, a playful thinking that enhances curiosity, brings pleasure in discovering, opens up new possibilities in the work.
In the series ‘Flowing’(2007-09) the thinking arises from geometry to be intermingled with the ludic. Geometry as a mathematical language to understand and develop realities. From a mathematical source my interest relied on a 'primary form' that developed a great complexity. The square shape cut with an arch composed the rest of the shapes which became the creation of a puzzle. Starting with interactive wood pieces, the figures realized on the floor developed into paintings. Deciding on the different relationships between form, composition and colour I would construct a cromatic puzzle in each painting, showing the possibilities of interaction creating a sense of construction whilst at the same time introducing a unique rhythm/dynamism of colour. Geometry seen as a playful language that evolves enriching our thinking.
The series ‘Nationless’ was made in my arrival in Berlin from Oct to Dec 2009. I hold a phenomenological, critical but also playful reflection on the abstract forms and the national meaning of flags. In this group of paintings I reduced the formal aspect of worldwide flags to its minimum and removed all national symbols. Colours were also freed and qualities of paint combined to emphasize the abstract language in the paintings.
The series 'IKI' (2010) I am exploring language as another essential aspect of the human condition. The interest relies in interweaving abstract painting and language itself as two ways of expression. Both intertwine creating a dialogue: The realization of language as an abstract form that becomes the painting structure questioning the limits of written language. On the other hand, abstract painting as a language, as a means of structuring colour toward a meaning both, felt and intellectually understood.
I keep experimenting with the physicality of the artwork, textures and colour. I believe the phenomenological has relevance in understanding how we feel and perceive reality. I hand-paint basic shapes in order to reinforce human activity and its imperfect condition.
I want to I create a space for experimentation and playfulness within painting. I want my artwork to have an immense energy, both vibrant and full of humanity.

Biografie/Vita(Schule, Berufsausbildung, usw): 


1998 - 2000 Master Fine Arts. Royal College of art, Painting. London.
1990 -1995 Degree Fine Arts. Facultad de Bellas Artes, Universidad de Barcelona
January- April 1994 Erasmus, École Nationale superièure des Beaux-Arts, Paris.
January- April 1996 Erasmus, Hochschule der Kunste, Berlin.

Grants - Residencies

2011 (Feb-Mar) Artist in Residency. Oficina 1/ Fundacion Semillero. Venezuela
2008 (Apr-Jun) Abbey Fellow. British School in Rome. Italy
2007 (summer) Artist in Residence. Camden Arts Center. London
2004 (Apr-Jun) International Artist Residency in Kunming. China. Arts Council and Triangle Trust Fellowship.
2004 ‘Start Again’. Artist book. Arts Council grant.
2000 - 2001 Picker Fellowship. Kingston University. London
1998 - 2000 BUNDY - T.I. Group Scholar (MA) RCA. London.
1999 (feb) Cité Internationale des Arts. Paris
1996 (aug) INTERCAMPUS. Universidad Católica del Perú. Lima.
1996 (july) QUAM Workshop: "Arquitectura imaginada".
With Jordi Colomer. Montesquiu
1995 (dec) QUAM Workshop: "La Mónada Nómada". Barcelona.
Dec 1995 - Jan 1996 Workshop QUAM, in Barcelona & Montesquiu with Federico Guzmán
1995 (summer) "Els tallers de Miró". Fundation Pilar i Joan Miró, Mallorca


BritishGovernment Art Collection
British Airways Collection
North American Private Collections
English Private Collections
Spanish Private Collections
Saatchi Collection. London

Selected Group shows *Solo shows

2011 Flowing (A Series Trajectory). Rilfemaker gallery. London
“IKI”. MasArt Gallery. Barcelona
“Punto . Aparte”. Al Borde gallery. Maracaibo, Venezuela
“La casa del ser feliz”. Community project Velada Sta.Lucia. Maracaibo

2010 ‘IKI’. Moriarty Galeria. Madrid
Farbvergnugen. Group show. Spielraum. Berlin
Nationless. Solo show. Centrum. Berlin

2009 ‘Reframing’. Curated by Barry Schwabsky at CCA in Andratx, Mallorca. Spain
*‘Pinballing.’ Wall painting at Royal Hospital London. Commissioned by Vital Arts.
*‘I am throwing the ball’. Glass installation at new English Embassy in Madrid. Commissioned by Government Art Collection.
Back to the Future. Robilant + Voena Gallery. London
Meta Show. Part I. Ruskin Gallery at Anglia Ruskin University. Cambridge

2008 Game & Theory. South London Gallery. London
Tutti Frutti. British School at Rome’s gallery.
John Moores 25. Walker Art Gallery. Liverpool
Precious Things. Highlanes gallery. Ireland
Ex-Roma II. APT gallery. London
*Encounters. Moriarty Gallery. Madrid
*Diadem Paintings. rRiflemaker. London
*Puzzling. Galeria Palma XII. Barcelona
Is this Abstraction?. Wall painting. Artist in Residence. Camden Arts Centre. London
Slpping Abstraction. Mead Gallery. Warwick. UK
Re-clycled. Riflemaker Gallery. London

2006 *"Pasajero". Riflemaker Gallery. London
Nice to meet you. Mark Moore Gallery. Los Angeles. USA
Sensorial Material. Bonhams Gallery. London

2005 *JOUABLE. Galeria Moriarty. Madrid. Spain.
Colour my world. Riflemaker. London
Painting: London. Gallery Holly Snapp. Venice. Italy
John Moores 23. Walker Art Gallery. Liverpool

2004 *Playroom. Riflemaker Gallery. London
*New Paintings. Mobile Home Gallery. London
Coalesce. Palma XII. Barcelona
Artfutures. Contemporary Art Society. London
“Start Again”. Presentation at Mobile Home of Artist Book funded by Arts Council. London

2003 New British Painting. Part I. John Hansard Gallery. Southampton. England
The Bold & the Beautiful. New Art from London. Carnegie Gallery. HOBART. Australia
The Bold & the Beautiful. New Art from London. RMIT Gallery. MELBOURNE. Australia.

2002 Audio Arts Magazine. Volume 20 n4. Featuring Documenta 11 & artists like Christian Boltanski, W. Tillmanns, Larry Poons and Jules Olitski. London
ArtAid 2002. Bloomberg Space. London
“England our England”. Carnaby St. London
More ways of seeing. Blains Fine Art. London
The Bold & the Beautiful. Mile End Pavilions. London
“Cross Currents”. Raids Project Gallery. Los Angeles.
Miller Durazo Gallery. Los Angeles. USA

2001 Inside Space. Selfridges. London
Stanley Picker Gallery. Kingston. London
Jerwood Painting Prize. London (catalogue) & Gallery of Modern Art. Glasgow
* Two Person Show. Recent Work. And Sigmar Polke: Music of Unknown origin. Milton Keynes Gallery. Milton Keynes.
‘Is it any wonder?’ Palma XII Gallery. Barcelona
Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2000. Milton Keynes Gallery, Botanical Gardens, Edinburgh and Cornerhouse , Manchester. (catalogue)
* Solo Show. “Para un cubo preparado”. Box 23 . Barcelona
Assembly Project. Jubilee St. London. (catalogue)
"Allém da Água". Con Fede Guzmán. MEIAC- Badajoz
SBC. Smith's Galleries (catalogue). London
*Solo Show. Área Space. Barcelona
"Stop War!", Rijeka Biennale. Croatia
Galería Manel Mayoral. (catalogue) Barcelona
Galerie Gauche. Paris

Teaching Experience

2011- 2007
-Wimbledon College of Art. Senior Lecturer. University Arts London

-Wimbledon College of Art. Senior Lecturer, University Arts London
-Slade School, University College London
-Ruskin School of Drawing, University of Oxford
-Royal Academy of Arts. London

-Wimbledon School of Art. Lecturer in Painting. London
-Slade School, University College. London
-Royal Academy of Arts. London
-Central St. Martins, College of Art & Design. London

-Royal College of Art. London
-Wimbledon School of Art. Lecturer in Painting. London
-University of Gloucestershire

-Royal College of Art. London
-Wimbledon School of Art. Lecturer in Painting. London
-University of Gloucestershire


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My interest lies in the reflection of our human condition in relation to the act of painting.




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